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Images now available on Redbubble https://www.mcbphotography.co.uk/blog/2013/7/images-now-available-on-redbubble I have decided that it is now time to see if there is a market 'out there' for any of my images.  Initially I will offer various products (mainly photographic prints) through Redbubble.  

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Excuses or Introspection? https://www.mcbphotography.co.uk/blog/2013/5/excuses-or-introspection I have to admit that I am a little 'lost' with the direction of my photography at the moment.  I seem to be stuck (trapped even) between the desire to create 'something' as part of a creative outlet but I do not know what that 'something' is.  I know what it isn't but that is not the same!

Most of my recent images are not even making it as far as Lightroom never mind being processed.  This is now seeping into my consciousness when looking through the viewfinder resulting in me taking significantly fewer images.  I am finding no difficulty in justifying why I should not press the shutter however I am not sure that my justification is always a good thing.  I have argued that it is because the image is not aesthetically pleasing {to me} but I think if I am honest it is really because I am a little bored with the view I am creating.

So what is the solution?  

Some fellow photographers have advised to 'shoot' my way out of the doldrums (a great mental image in itself) but this is not working for me.  What I need is to find something different, a new way of seeing, something to enthuse me again, a style that is 'me'.  I do not know what this is yet and do not expect an epiphanic, alarm bell, flashing light moment when it arrives but I hope it does arrives.  Who knows it may be a slight change of style and direction...then again it may be unrecognisable!

Hopefully see you on the other side!

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Getty Images Partnership https://www.mcbphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/8/getty-images-partnership I'm delighted to confirm that I have been approached by Getty Images to form a new agency partnership.  

The initial approach has requested to licence 24 images and I have so far supplied 14.  

The request came  'out of the blue'  so I had to consider if I really wanted to distribute what I see as personal creative outlet to probably the largest image agency in the world.  Certainly early days and I have no expectations that it will be a major source of revenue but it is nice to be asked!

Click the link below to see the images on the Getty site





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Start, stop, and go full circle? https://www.mcbphotography.co.uk/blog/2012/8/Genesis Photography and the creation of visual media has interested me even from a young age.  I think it started on a family holiday to Blackpool in the mid 1970s with a Kodak Instamatic and the postal development services of TruPrint.  It continued with a Christmas present a few years later of a Polaroid Instamatic.  However the prohibative cost of the Polaroid film saw the camera assigned to the back of the wardrobe and photography went with it.

20 years later the chance observation of one image in a magazine re-ignited my desire to once again create images.  The image in question was 'Contours in Blue' by English landscape photographer Joe Cornish http://www.joecornishgallery.co.uk/gallery/item/contours-in-blue.  His first book publication 'First Light' profoundly shaped the type of images I wanted to create myself.  Every failure on my behalf only served to make me appreciate the brilliance of Joe's work even more.  I was lucky to be able to spend a day creating images with Joe in 2005 and this will remain one of my life's outstanding moments.  It is said that 'you should never meet your heroes' - I am so happy I got the chance.  Perhaps it is therefore understandable that my appreciation of, and immersion in Joe's artistry lead me to wear the badge of 'landscape photographer''.  This saw me fall into the trap of travelling far and wide to the 'honeypot' locations attempting to capture my versions of popular scenes.  Call it 'maturity' or 'developing my own style' but I became increasingly unsatisfied, unfulfilled perhaps, with this and wanted to travel a different path.

This made me consider what kind of images I wish to create and in an almost epiphanic moment I looked at the original inspiration 'Contours in Blue' and realised that this was not what many would interpret as 'landscape' photography - perhaps it would be better described as 'of the landscape'.  During this extended period of introspection I have grown to admire the work of David Ward and his abstract, intimate landscape images.  David's work has already started to shape my own vision and will undoubted continue to do so as I discover and develop my own style.

So for the moment I aspire to be an  'of the landscape photographer'.

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