I am a photographer based in Nottinghamshire, UK, specialising in landscape and urban cityscapes.
I hope that you enjoy the images as much as I do making them. Each one is a unique moment in time that can never be captured again - a moment I was privileged to witness.
Light is the raw material of photography, the language in which a photographer communicates. This is the excitement of landscape photography - working with the forces of nature and light to produce images that reflect the beautiful, yet fragile nature of the landscape we live in. I hope that this website and the images within it tell the story of light and my relationship with it.

If you have any questions or comments you can reach me via the Contact page.

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Guestbook for Mike Barber Photography
Hi Mike
Just come across your website by accident when searching for something else but wow... what a website.
Your photos are stunning. The colours, light and composition are second to none.
As I travel across the northern peak district daily, I can affiliate with quite a few of the photos but try as I might, can't match the quality.
Well done.
7.Dave Clarke(non-registered)
Hi Mike, we met earlier today when I was photographing your car. It was great to chat with you and thanks for your invite to the exhibition. Your work is absolutely stunning. Went straight to the "flow" images and am really inspired by your work. You've encouraged me to keep going with the personal work so thanks again.
I will definitely be going along to see the exhibition, hopefully on the Saturday.

Best regards
Dave Clarke

6.Karen M Berisford(non-registered)
I have always been a huge fan of Mike's work - The colours he captures and the compositions he sees through his eyes are stunning! Proud to know him!
1.Sandra Greenwood(non-registered)
Website looks sleek & slick, photos as always speak for themselves
Always a fan


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